Why did you call me in for an interview? I did my homework did you?

Continuing with my theme of outbursts on the subject of job searches……Sometimes I have wondered: “Why did you even call me in for an interview?”

It starts with the call: “Hello______ we’d like to call you in for an interview. When will you be available?” I immediately begin to research the company like crazy learning so much about the company you’d think it were for a test. In actuality it is. Next thing I know I’m in the interview highly confident and doing great then it happens: “Do you have experience or ever worked in _______?”  This is the moment that ruins it all. I’m doing great, they’re smiling, I’m smiling but as soon as I say no the smiles go away. The interview wraps up and with a twinge of hope and I remain optimistic. 

Upon not receiving a call back I analyze what happened during the interview and remember the question that ruined it all. My optimism turns to anger. Not angry that I most likely didn’t get the position but angry that I was even interviewed in the first place. 

I begin to realize my resume CLEARLY STATED my experience; furthermore the interviewer was holding my resume THE ENTIRE TIME. In addition I am the only person being interviewed this day! Was this the first time they have even looked at the resume? Did they just let a computer choose my resume and decide they’ll just ask me about it or first read it during the interview? I have a linkedin profile which is the very first thing that comes up on google if you search my name. You can see every qualification I have as well as a writing sample, my degree, interests and whatever else you want to know. Why would I omit pertinent qualifications?

I did 4 hours of research on your company and you haven’t even thoroughly read my resume.

So many times the deal breaker for someone not getting the position is that they did not have qualifications which their resume clearly states. DON’T CALL SOMEONE IN WHEN YOU WANT CERTAIN QUALIFICATIONS THEY DON’T HAVE! Why even waste everyone’s time? If you know you want someone bilingual then don’t even call in someone who isn’t if it’s a deal breaker, AM I MAKING SENSE TO ANYONE IN THE WORLD?!

Does HR just like to waste people’s time or meet a quota of amount of people they can interview? Also if not having certain qualifications is a deal breaker for the company maybe they should do something I like to call: WRITE IT IN THE JOB POST! Don’t put a vague job post then wait until people drive all the way to the interview to say: “Actually we want someone with_____”. Or if you have written it in the job post under the ambiguous “preferred” section: CHANGE PREFERRED TO REQUIRED AND VOILA! That way the people that don’t like to waste their time; won’t. Anyone else that wishes to apply to a position they aren’t qualified for can waste their time and gas.